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How to Play

First download the free Layar App at


Choose a Character

Scan a character card with Layar. Each character has a unique combination of the three attributes: Creativity, Charisma and Knowledge. Select a character by tapping on the button that appears when you scan the character card. This will reset your game, so only do this if you want to start over.


Choose an Item

You start the game with a single crypto-credit, which is enough to buy one item. Each item boosts one of your three attributes. Scan the items with Layar to read their descriptions. Choose wisely, choosing a character and items that match up well gives you a much better chance of defeating the monsters.


Fighting the Monsters!

Time to find some monsters! Visit Diode Gallery on February 5th from 6-9pm and scan the monster illustrations.
Each monster has one attack attribute, and one defense attribute. You can scan the monster and preview it’s attack and defense attributes to see how you stack up against the monster. The monster always attacks first.


The Monster’s Attack

If the monster rolls a 10 or better, the attack hits, and you get a chance to block. You roll against the attack attribute by taking 20 minus 5 times your attribute score.

your block score = 20 – (your attribute score x 5)

For example, if the monster’s attack attribute is creativity, and you have 2 creativity, you need to roll a 10 or better to block.


Your Attack

After the monster attacks, you have a chance to attack back. You roll against the monster’s defense attribute, following this equation:

your attack score = 20 – (your attribute score x 5)

So if the monster’s defense attribute is knowledge, and you have 3 knowledge, you would need to roll a 5 or better to hit. The monster then gets a chance to block by rolling a 15 or higher.


Tie Breakers

If both you and the monster score a hit without being blocked, or you both miss or are blocked, then the game is tied and you roll to break the tie. High score wins.


Defeating a Monster

If you defeat the monster, you are awarded one crypto-credit, and can go back and purchase another item. Scan a few items to find one that gives you the best attribute to face the next monster, then continue your quest.

If a monster defeats you…

Your player is wiped out. Scan another character card to start over.