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Boldstage Mural SXSW 2013


We painted an interactive mural for The Doritos Boldstage at South by Southwest 2013. Each panel of the mural springs to life when you scan it with Layar, and application for tablets and smartphones.
Visitors using the layar app activated animations and social-media content that was displayed on top of the mural, digitally using Augmented Reality. Here is a very short video of the mural in action:

You can scan these panels here on the page with the Layar App to try it out (click the images for a larger version):


The animations load dynamic content from Twitter and Instagram that is tagged #boldstage, as well as the lineup for the boldstage for that night, provided by a WordPress site. Here are some shots of the illustration process, painting the mural, the party, and some of the interactive content captured in screen shots.

Here’s a cool panorama of the work site and the partially finished mural: [sphere 187 autostart]
You can also view a bunch more like this here.

Here are some photos by Aaron Rogosin of the Boldstage at SXSW 2013