Lumenal Code is the collaborative project of Dan Cohen and Gabe Shaughnessy. Since 2006 they have been creating multimedia installations and interactive art around the country. Their signature Augmented Reality Murals bring together the beauty and warmth of live analog painting with the spectacle of digital augmentation.
They encourage the audience to become participants in the creative experience, incorporating cutting edge interactive techniques in their installations.
Their work emphasizes the nexus between Fine Art and Digital Interactivity to create a next-level experience that dazzles and inspires.

Produced by Lumenal Code

Dan Cohen –

Gabe Shaughnessy –

Featuring Artwork Produced in Collaboration with :
New Creatures –
Acme Scenic –

Video, Timeplase and Still Photography by Aaron Rogosin

Additional Video by Ghost Stag –

Polar Vortex by DirtWire –
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Edited by Christopher Darrow at Synesthesia Studio

Special Thanks to:
Jason Naumoff & AJ White
Tyler Hanson
John Taylor
Marci Frey
Josh Michaels & Diode Gallery
Jessie Zepeda
Acme Scenic
One Hat One Hand

Individual Project Links:

A Hero’s Journey
Red Bull Murals Projection Mapped Driving Range for Ricky Fowler:
Produced in Collaboration with New Creatures –

BoldStage Mural, SXSW
Produced in Collaboration with New Creatures –

Weird Times Comix

Izakaya Chalk Mural

The Mural of the Future

Nike Augmented Murals

Produced in Collaboration with Acme Scenic

Dungeon Hacker
Augmented Reality Illustration Show
Featuring illustrations by
Ryan Johnson –
Andy Lunday –

Travel Portland Augmented Reality Table Tents