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Dungeon Hacker


Dungeon Hacker is a group illustration show at Diode Gallery, and the first iteration of an augmented reality dungeon crawler from Lumenal Code. The show features original illustrations by Dan Cohen, Ryan Johnson, Andy Lunday and Gabe Shaughnessy and was on display at Diode Gallery during the months of February and March, 2015.
By scanning the illustrations in the show with Layar, visitors can play an interactive game. You choose a player, pick up enchanted items and face terrible monsters as you hack and slash your way through the gallery in augmented reality.
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Playing the Game

Now you’re ready to face the monsters. Defeat all three monsters to face the boss, The Gibson Supercomputer!


View the Complete Rules and Gameplay here.

Finding the Gallery

Diode Gallery is located at 514 NW Couch, right across the street from Ground Kontrol in downtown Portland, Oregon. The gallery is open the night of February 5th from 6-9pm for the Dungeon Hacker show, and otherwise by special appointment only.

About the Artists: