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Augmented Murals with an Educational Twist

Lumenal Code worked with Acme Scenic to create a series of Augmented Reality murals for a footwear and apparel corporation’s sales conference at the Red Rock Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, NV this fall.


The installation consisted of 5 murals, each approximately 12′ tall, with LED lighting embedded in channels within the murals. When scanned with the Layar Augmented Reality App, the murals came to life, revealing interactive animations that helped conference attendees become familiar with the new the digital sales tools the company is transitioning to.


The conference is where the company’s american salesforce comes to learn about the upcoming products they’ll be selling. Traditionally, they used printed catalogs to educate the salesforce, but this year they transitioned to a completely digital toolkit, a series of apps they will access on ipads and web browsers. The purpose of our installation at the conference was to provide a fun, artistic introduction to this new set of digital tools. It was as much about creating a memorable experience for attendees as it was a way to get them to get out their mobile device, get on the wifi network, and get comfortable with the idea of using their phone or tablet to access sales tools.


When attendees scanned the murals with Layar, they would see different animated content each day. The animations contained links within them that brought you to one-pages about the digital sales apps, as well as information about an on-going raffle that had the answers hidden within the murals. There was also a link a series of behind-the-scenes illustrations and time-lapse video showing the creation process for the murals.


For this installation, Lumenal Code provided a customized Content Management System, so the educational content presented by the Augmented Reality campaign was easy to update, and could be changed daily. Every night, while attendees slept, we updated the content so the next day they had a completely new experience scanning the murals. The animations for each day were based on a series of digital illustrations, featuring three of the companies “categories”:


Training Illustration

Running Illustration

The murals were designed and painted by Lumenal Code. Acme Scenic designed and built the backdrops, signage and LED lighting for the murals. They were constructed entirely in Portland, OR, then shipped to Las Vegas and installed at the Red Rock Casino. Here are a few photos of the murals installed, and a few of their construction:

The murals themselves were based on the digital illustrations as well, here are some straight shots of the murals, and some close-ups: