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Table Tents for Travel Portland

Travel Portland recently hired Lumenal Code to create interactive table toppers for their State of the Industry Breakfast. We’ve worked with Travel Portland in the past to create an augmented reality chalk mural, so they were familiar with the way we can present fun, shareable content using augmented reality in an event setting.
For this event, Travel Portland wanted a skyline of Portland that sat in the center of each table and could be scanned to reveal four industry facts about Portland that guests could easily share on facebook and twitter.
This was an exciting project for us, and we really took the idea and ran with it. Here’s the final artwork we used to create the table-toppers.TheĀ imageĀ can actually be scanned with Layar, like the table tents, so go ahead and give it a try.

Here are a couple photos from the State of the Industry Breakfast, where you can see the table-toppers set up:

The following images of the table tents can be scanned with Layar to view the augmented reality experience.

Here are some images from the illustration process.

The Augmented Reailty Experience

When you scan each side of the table toppers with the Layar app, they come to life in full-color. Each panel depicts Portland at a different time of day, and has several animated elements within it. Floating in 3d space in front of the illustration there are two buttons on each panel. Clicking the button links to a page that opens full-screen in Layar, and can be shared on social media and viewed later within a web browser. We’ve found from past projects this is the best way to create shareable augmented reality content, and has the added benefit that the content is accessible later from within the Layar app, in the recent content menu.

Here are a few screen captures of the experience: